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Deployment View

4.9. Deployment View

The deployment view takes into account the system's requirements such as system availability, reliability (fault tolerance), performance (throughput), and scalability. This view maps the various elements identified in the logical, process, and development views—networks, processes, tasks, and objects—onto the processing nodes.
The deployment diagram is used for modeling the static deployment view of a system.
The figure below depicts the deployment diagram for SDL system.


ATF and SDL Core as a separate binaries could be deployed to different machines in case of using cross-machine transports (TCP, WebSockets).
This deployment schema is applicable for testing SDL Core on a real hardware.


In common case ATF and SDL Core could be deployed on the same machine.

Elements description

ATF Directory

  • Short Description:
  • Relations:
    • Required for User Scripts execution.
  • Requirements:
    • System shall be compatible with Lua and Qt versions.

User Script Directory

SDL Core Directory

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