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Release Notes 4.2.0


Release Notes (Release 4.2.0)

1. Introduction

Definitions and Abbreviations

Term Description
CY Calendar Year
CRQ Change request
SDL SmartDeviceLink
ATF Automated Test Framework
GitHub Source code revision system with released version of OpenSDL


App Launch (iOS):

Integration of functionality already implemented in F-S SDL. Within the scope of the CRQ integration, SDL team removeд iAP2 transport implementation and Multiplexing functionality available in F-S SDL.

New implementation of requested functionality:

  • Navigation interface: SDL behavior in case HMI does not respond to IsReady_request or respond with "available" = false
  • TTS interface: SDL behavior in case HMI does not respond to IsReady_request or respond with "available" = false
  • UI interface: SDL behavior in case HMI does not respond to IsReady_request or respond with "available" = false
  • VR interface: SDL behavior in case HMI does not respond to IsReady_request or respond with "available" = false
  • VehicleInfo interface: SDL behavior in case HMI does not respond to IsReady_request or respond with "available" = false

2 About This Release

Implemented functionality for remote launching the applications from the supported Launch function devices.
Note: It is a business logic without supported device implementation.
For further details, please refer IAP, AOA, SDL Core SAD or your transport API documentation.

Changed SDL behavior in case HMI does not respond to IsReady_request or respond with "available" = false for following interfaces: VR, UI, TTS, Navigation and VehicleInfo interfaces.

Short description of new behavior (INTERFACE is generic term used to described any of VR, UI, TTS, Navigation and VehicleInfo interfaces):

  1. HMI respond INTERFACE.IsReady (false) -> SDL must return 'UNSUPPORTED_RESOURCE, success:false' to all single INTERFACE-related RPC
  2. HMI respond INTERFACE.IsReady (false) and app sends RPC that must be splitted -> SDL must NOT transfer INTERFACE portion of splitted RPC to HMI
  3. HMI does NOT respond to INTERFACE.IsReady_request -> SDL must transfer received RPC to HMI even to non-responded INTERFACE module

3 Environment and dependencies

Development and testing environment for OpenSDL Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x32/x64

  • Debug Environment: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x32/x64, Qt 5.3
  • Compiler: GCC 4.9.3 (OS Ubuntu), Lua 5.2
  • Build system: Cmake

Development and testing environment for OpenSDL Windows x64:

  • Build system: Windows 7 x64, CMake
  • Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition 2013 x64
  • Development and testing environment for OpenSDL Qt for Windows x32:
  • Build system: Windows 7 x32, Qt 5.5, CMake, QT Creator
  • Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition 2010 x32

Source Control System:

  • GitHub

4. Delivery details

Unit Tests Coverage

Coverage Hit Total Coverage
Lines 18153 27828 66 %
Functions 7646 11830 65 %

Tests Execution Report

Tests total Failures total Disabled total Errors total Total time (milliseconds) Tests total
1748 0 16 0 310482 1748

Brief log of unit test sets execution:
01/26 Test #01: test_JSONCPP ...................... Passed 0.18 sec
02/26 Test #02: test_generated_interface .......... Passed 0.09 sec
03/26 Test #03: transport_manager_test ............ Passed 1.63 sec
04/26 Test #04: resumption_test ................... Passed 0.06 sec
05/26 Test #05: formatters_test ................... Passed 0.73 sec
06/26 Test #06: protocol_handler_test ............. Passed 22.37 sec
07/26 Test #07: connection_handler_test ........... Passed 83.31 sec
08/26 Test #08: utils_test ........................ Passed 36.30 sec
09/26 Test #09: generator_test .................... Passed 0.08 sec
10/26 Test #10: security_manager_test ............. Passed 10.28 sec
11/26 Test #11: policy_test ....................... Passed 108.36 sec
12/26 Test #12: rpc_base_test ..................... Passed 0.18 sec
13/26 Test #13: smart_object_test ................. Passed 2.23 sec
14/26 Test #14: application_manager_test .......... Passed 3.00 sec
15/26 Test #15: resumption/data_resumption_test ... Passed 0.37 sec
16/26 Test #16: state_controller_test ............. Passed 0.37 sec
17/26 Test #17: app_launch_ctrl_test .............. Passed 43.12 sec
18/26 Test #18: app_launch_data_test .............. Passed 0.04 sec
19/26 Test #19: commands_test ..................... Passed 0.05 sec
20/26 Test #20: mobile_commands_test .............. Passed 0.19 sec
21/26 Test #21: hmi_commands_test ................. Passed 0.05 sec
22/26 Test #22: message_helper_test ............... Passed 0.01 sec
23/26 Test #23: hmi_message_handler_test .......... Passed 0.02 sec
24/26 Test #24: config_profile_test ............... Passed 0.33 sec
25/26 Test #25: media_manager_test ................ Passed 0.02 sec
26/26 Test #26: telemetry_monitor_test ............ Passed 0.02 sec
100% tests passed

5. Known Bugs and Limitations

All known SDL defects reflected in following chapter. The correction and verification of those defects are out of scope of this release.

Known Issues

Summary Priority
[Genivi]SDL doesn't stop at execution ATF function StopSDL() Blocker
[Genivi]: Core crash upon Ctrl+C in console Critical
[Genivi][Policies] PTU is not successful due to another unexpected exchange in progress Critical
[Genivi] SDL stops working during processing SetGlobalProperties request Critical
[SDL4.0][Genivi] SDL sends OnSystemRequest(QUERY_APPS) to background on phone App. Critical
[Genivi] [TM] Unable to register iOS App via BT. Critical
[Genivi][Security] SDL do not send certificate from Policy DB and rewrites certificate in module_config with "1" right after using it Critical
[Genivi][Security] SDL crashes if App tries to restore secure RPC service on start Critical
[Genivi][Security] SDL crashes if during TLS handshake ERROR_SSL_INVALID_DATA occurs Critical
[Genivi][Security] SDL crashes if mobile App fails TLS handshake. Critical
[GENIVI][WinQT] 3rd party USB library crash on exit Critical
[Resumption][Genivi] SDL crashes during resumption of 2 Apps, non-media to FULL and media to LIMITED Critical
[GENIVI] SDL should respond "IGNORED" with correct result code for UnSubscribeVehicleData in case vi interface isn't available Critical
[GENIVI][Policy]: SDL does not send RequestType:HTTP in OnSystemRequest to app Critical
APPLINK-17839 Genivi: HMILevel is not resumed to LIMITED for non-media applications Major
APPLINK-17839 Genivi: HMILevel resumption is not canceled at OnEventChanged(AUDIO_SOURCE, isActive: true) Major
[SDL4.0][Genivi] UTF-8: Core incorrect handles symbols of two or more bytes size Major
[Genivi][Policies] SDL does not send OnPermissionsChange after PTU Major
[Genivi][Policies] SDL doesn't exclude messages from snapshot Major
[GENIVI][Policy]: SDL dos not select url from PT for specified appID during GetURLs request. Major
[Genivi] Policies Manager does not revert the Local Policy Table to the Preload Policy Table upon FACTORY Reset Major
[Genivi][Policies] SDL doesn't send "SDL.OnAppPermissionChanged{appID} to HMI Major
[GENIVI][Security]: App continue unprotected stream if start service as protected during active streaming Major
[GENIVI][Memory leaks]: SDL does not release memory after sending AddCommand limit exhausted Major
[Genivi]: SDL send to mobile "APPLICATION_NOT_REGISTRED" in setAppIcon responce if HMI respond with "INVALID_DATA" Major
[GENIVI] Incorrect response on send SystemRequest (file name - /test) Major
[GENIVI] putFile does not copy file with .\ before the name to AppStorageFolder Major
[GENIVI]SDL retry send StartStream/StartAudioStream less on one time than configured in .ini file Major
[Genivi][Policies] SDL doesn't reject PT if the consumer_friendly_message section contains messaging without “en-us” language key Major
[Genivi][Policies] PM should verify that "seconds_between_retries" array has maxlength 5 Major
[GENIVI] SDL transfer OnKeyboardInput notification to not active App when there is no active PerformInteraction(KEYBOARD) Major
[Genivi] SDL forwards OnButtonPress(CUSTOM_BUTTON) with wrong appID to current App. Major
[Genivi] SDL forwards OnButtonPress notification of CUSTOM_BUTTON to BACKGROUND App. Major
[Genivi] SDL forwards OnButtonEvent notification of CUSTOM_BUTTON to BACKGROUND App. Major
GENIVI: SDL doesn't send "REJECTED" code to mobile app when activating app from HMI with activate Carplay/GAL.GE Major
GENIVI: App is disconnected due to HeartBeat timeout althought HeartBeat is sent. Major
Genivi SDL blocks forever when registering mobile application with Genivi HMI (only) Major
[Genivi] HMI level resumption is not postponded at EmergencyEvent, isActive=true Major
[Genivi] SDL doesn't apply sequence SUSPEND -> OnSDLAwake -> SUSPEND -> IGN_OFF for saving resumption data. Major
[Genivi][API]SDL sends UpdateDeviceList with disconnected device in the deviceList Major
[Genivi]CreateInteractionChoiceSet: core successfully creates choice set with duplicate vrCommands/menuName inside it. Major
[Genivi][SDL4.0]SDL sends appName in vrSynonyms and ttsName in case of lower and upper bound values of params in json file Major
[Genivi][API] App is not unregistered by reason = REQUEST_WHILE_IN_NONE_HMI_LEVEL Major
[Genivi][API] SDL sends OnAppInterfaceUnregistered(DRIVER_DISTRACTION_VIOLATION) to app when receives OnExitApplication(DRIVER_DISTRACTION_VIOLATION) from HMI Major
[GENIVI] One and the Same Correlation_ID is assigned by SDL Two Times Major
[Genivi][SDL4.0]SDL does not send OnSystemRequest to app on second device Major
Genivi: Policy table can't be loaded when RPCs added in functional_group is greater than 50. Major
[GENIVI][Policy]: SDL does not write UserFriendlyMessages to DB Major
GENIVI: PerformAudioThru - SDL does not send "resultCode:RETRY, success:true" to mobile app when press "Retry" button Major
[Genivi][Policy] PM doesn't validate required section/key in case it is invalid and SDL continue running Major
In Genivi (SDL 4) we can have two mobile apps in FULL HMI level at the same time Major
[Genivi][Policies] Ford-specific keys are present in Genivi Policy DB - usage_and_error_counts Major
[Genivi][Policies] PM doesn't update "notifications_per_minute_by_priority" Major
[Genivi][Policies] OnSystemRequest: SDL does not re-send OnSystemRequest notification to mobile app in case when it was sent from HMI without appID Major
Unable to build GENIVI SDL without logs Major
[Genivi] SDL do not apply nicknames after PTU Major
[Genivi] SDL do not disallow API of revoked App. Major
[Genivi] SDL creates redundant device_consent table in Policy DB Major
[Genivi][Protocol] App becomes unregistered if PutFile is sent from any of two sessions (protocols v.2 and v.3) Major
[Genivi][Protocol] SDL respond ACK with protocol version 4 for video and audio services if send start service with 2 or 3 protocol version Major
[Genivi][Policies] SDL should be case-insensetive to "AppID" against listed in policies manager Major
[Genivi][Security] SDL close connection before UNSUPPORTED_VERSION response for RAI was sent. Major
[Genivi][Policies] PT is considered as valid with no items in "groups" sub-section from "default" Major
[Genivi][TV] SDL must respond with INVALID_DATA on SystemRequest that uploads a file containing ../ sequences Major
[Genivi][IVSU] SDL doesn't reject SystemRequest with filenam=IVSU but w/o binary data. Major
[Genivi] Core dump upon FACTORY_DEFAULT Major
[Genivi][Policies] PM doesn't validate the size of section "default" in "endponts" of Policy Table Major
[Genivi][Policy]: PM doesn't merge "functional_grouping" and "message_type" Major
[Genivi][APIs] AlertManeuver: SDL responds GENERIC_ERROR instead of INVALID_DATA when soft button has Type is Image or Both and Text is whitespace or \t or \n or empty Major
[Genivi][API]AlertManeuver:SDL responds to mobile app UNSUPPORTED_REQUEST with success = true Major
[Genivi][SDL4.0] Json validation is failed in case language parameter does not contain vrSynonyms or ttsName Major
[Genivi][SDL4.0]SDL sends OnSystemRequest(QUERY_APPS) to the app after unsuccessful attempt Major
[Genivi]SDL returns IGNORED instead of UNSUPPORTED_RESOURCE for UnsubscribeButton. Major
[Genivi]SDL do not send default vrHelp to HMI if App was registered with vrSynonyms Major
[Genivi] [TM] SDL can't reregister App via USB that was killed before. Major
[Genivi] OnHashChange notification for UnsubscribeVehicleData when 2 applications are registered Major
GENIVI: SDL responds "resultCode: SUCCESS" while dataType:VEHICLEDATA_EXTERNTEMP is VEHICLE_DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE and not in subscribed list store Major
[GENIVI] No response to App on UI.Slider sent if no HMI response during DefaultTimeout Major
[GENIVI][Policy]: SDL does not set "timeout" for OnSystemRequest with url Major
[GENIVI][Policy]: SDL does not apply url from PT for specified appID for OnSystemRequest Major
[Genivi] INVALID_DATA received in case wayPointType with correct parameter was sent Major
[Genivi][API] SDL responds "UNSUPPORTED_RESOURCE", success= false in case only have "UNSUPPORTED_RESOURCE" to Navigation.AlertManeuver Major
GENIVI: App is disconnected due to PROTOCOL_VIOLATION when start audio streaming after rejected 2 times then accepted. Major
[GENIVI]: SDL crashes during execution ATF test with start-stop SDL cases Major
[GENIVI] Redundant info is sent to App when single UI. got 'UNSUPPORTED_RESOURCE' from HMI Major
[Genivi] SDL responses with GENERIC_ERROR instead of UNSUPPORTED_RESOURCE Major
[GENIVI] SDL does not transfer all info parameters of unsuccess result codes when UI.IsReady = false Major
[GENIVI] SDL does not respond info message in case GENERIC_ERROR watchdog timeout from HM Major
GENIVI: SDL does not send VehicleInfo.GetVehicleData in case HMI responds invalid json for TTS.IsReady and true for VehicleInfo.IsReady Major
[GENIVI][Navigation] SDL does not respond info message in case GENERIC_ERROR watchdog timeout from HM Major
[GENIVI] GetWayPoints: SDL does not reset the default watchdog timeout of GetWayPoints request if HMI sends OnResetTimeout notification for this request Major
[GENIVI] HashID should not be updated on successful single UI. if no UI.IsReady response Major
[GENIVI] USER_DISALLOWED send instead of IGNORED for UnsubscribedVehicleData when VehicleInfo IsReady Missing Major
[GENIVI] SDL responds "WARNINGS" code in case SDL got "WARNINGS" from TTS and error code from other interfaces. Major
[GENIVI] SDL doesn't set unsuccessful "message" value to "info" param in case HMI responds via single UI.RPC when .IsReady missing Major
[Policies][Genivi] PM shuts SDL down but doesn't log error in case any required section/key is absent in the sdl_prealoaded_pt.json Normal
[Genivi] OpenSDL repo still contains old "generate_test_certificates.py" script. Normal
GENIVI: SDL does not send StopAudioStream() if exit app while Video service and Audio service are starting. Normal
[GENIVI]The session registration is delayed by locks Normal
[Genivi][SDL4.0]SDL does not create icons folder in case it was removed after SDL start Normal
[Genivi][API] SDL sends BC.UpdateDeviceList with out of upper bound size of deviceList Normal
[Genivi][SDL4.0] SDL sends wrong parameter names in OnSystemRequest(query_apps) Normal
[GENIVI][Policy]: SDL increments "ignition_cycles_since_last_exchange" counter after ign cycle if PTU was not before Normal
[SDL4.0][Genivi] incorrect resp. in case Unsubscribe not supported and not yet subscribed button Normal
[Genivi][Policies] Ford-specific keys are present in Genivi Policy DB - DeviceData Normal
[Genivi][Policies]: "application" table contains "certificate" Normal
[Genivi] SDL doesn't add device identifier to Policy DB and not present in the snapshot Normal
[Genivi][Security] SDL print out CN and serialNumber details of certificates in log. Normal
[Genivi][VS][AS] SDL does not send StopStream/StopAudioStream to HMI after unregistering app during streaming Normal
[Genivi] Communication is not saved in SmartDeviceLinkCore.log after adding persistent data after SUSPEND Normal
[Genivi]SDL doesn't transfer info parameter with UI.SetGlobalProperties to mobile. Normal
[Genivi]SDL sends systemSoftwareVersion (with empty value) in RAI response if before ccpu_version was invalid in GetSystemInfo. Normal
[Genivi][Policies] Policy table is not initialized by SDL start without DB Normal
[GENIVI] Response to UI.ScrollableMessage is sent twice to app if no HMI response HMI during Normal
[Genivi]SDL doesn't send info parameter when result of ResetGlobalProperties is GENERIC_ERROR Normal
Genivi: UI is waiting for TTS.IsReady timeout to elapse to send UI. Normal
[Genivi] SDL response success:false to mobile app in case it received RETRY or WRONG_LANGUAGE or UNSUPPORTED_RESOURCE from HMI Normal
GENIVI: SDL always reponds "INVALID_DATA" to mobile app while receiving other code from HMI Normal
[Genivi] Incorrect Version of API in MOBILE_API.xml Normal
[GENIVI] SDL build without any error message with empty version in MOBILE_API.xml Minor
[GENIVI] SyncMsgVersion is not updated after RegisterAppInterface Minor
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