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Release Notes 4.5.0

SDL Core 4.5.0 Release Notes

Supported Specifications

Implemented Proposals

Connectivity via iAP-BT and Transport Switch - Implementation of a mechanism to change a registered app connected over one transport to another seamlessly.

Mark public deprecated methods - Implemented a DEPRECATED macro for marking deprecated methods in the project. Using methods marked with this macro will result in a warning being generated.

Remove QT HMI from SDL Core (Partially Complete) - The qt_hmi component was removed from SDL Core, the QT_HMI_API interface and dbus adapter will be removed in the next major release, due to this aspect of the proposal requiring breaking changes.

Use Boost Library (Partially Complete) - The boost library is now installed as a 3rd party library, this library is currently only used in the refactored message broker component.


  • DBus and libusb are now dynamically linked, instead of being installed as 3rd-party libraries during the SDL Core build - #2004

Bug Fixes

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