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7. References

  1. SmartDeviceLink Protocol specification - https://github.com/smartdevicelink/protocol_spec/blob/master/README.md
  2. Cmake documentation - https://cmake.org/documentation/
  3. Google Test documentation - https://github.com/google/googletest/blob/master/googletest/docs/Documentation.md
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  5. SDL C++ Coding Style Guide - https://github.com/smartdevicelink/sdl_core/wiki/SDL-Coding-Style-Guide

8. List of Figures

Overview Use Case Diagram

Disconnect Use Case diagram

Connection Use Case diagram

Service data transferring Use Case diagram

Encryption Use Case diagram

Data verification Use Case diagram

RPC Use Case diagram

Mobile to HMI RPC processing Use Case diagram

HMI to Mobile RPC processing Use Case diagram

Resumption Use Case diagram

Application data resumption Use Case diagram

HMI level resumption Use Case diagram

Solution overview

Component View diagram

Transport layer notification and data transferring diagram

Protocol Layer - transport notifications processing diagram

Protocol Layer - data transferring diagram

Business layer - media data transferring diagram

Business layer - RPC processing diagram

Data flow diagram

Life cycle states diagram

Development View Diagram

Deployment View Diagram

9. Appendices


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