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News & Updates

Toyota Corolla Supports SDL

The SDLC is excited to share that the Toyota Corolla now supports SDL in the Japan market.

Jordyn Mackool

08 Oct 2019

SDLC Application Certification Process

The SDLC Application Certification Process has recently been updated!

Jordyn Mackool

30 Sep 2019

Policy Server UI Release

The SDLC is happy to announce the release of Policy Server version 2.3.0, introducing a new user interface to manage Policy Table components and approve/deny third-party applications.

Nick Schwab

20 Mar 2018

More Waze on your Car's Big Screen with Ford & SmartDeviceLink

Waze partners with SmartDeviceLink to bring the full Waze app experience to your car's screen with your iOS device - coming soon!

Theresa Lech

19 Jan 2018

Developer Portal Structural Updates

We've made a couple of updates to the structure of SmartDeviceLink.com to help make for clearer navigation within the site.

Theresa Lech

22 Dec 2017

SDL iOS 5.0 Released!

For most developers, v5.0 won't change too much of how you interact with SDL, but it makes SDL generally friendlier and easier to use.

Joel Fischer

iOS Lead

30 Nov 2017

Inaugural SDL Hackathon a Success!

The SDLC welcomed hundreds of developers, industry experts and consortium members to San Francisco for the first Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) with an SDL Developer Conference & Hackathon.

Theresa Lech

25 Sep 2017

New Shared App Management, Web APIs, and Policy Server

We made it easier for developers to manage SDL applications with teammates and easier for SDLC Level 1-4 Members to host their own Policy Table Server and get notified of changes to SDL applications!

Nick Schwab

05 Sep 2017

SDL Puts Waze Navigation, ParkU and Honeywell Home Thermostat Control Right on Your Dashboard

Open-Source SmartDeviceLink Makes it Easy for Developers to Integrate Smartphone Apps with In-Vehicle Displays and Voice Controls

Joey Grover


27 Feb 2017

We're Moving To Android Studio!

We've had some good, no, great times with our beloved IDE. Eclipse has been the backbone of this project since the beginning and has been

Joey Grover


23 Feb 2017